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 Post subject: Welcome to the MMSA Forums a Message from the Staff.
PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:46 pm 
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First off we would like to welcome all of you to our new website and new forums.
It was a much needed improvement and we very much hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

With that said there are a number of questions, I'd like to address to hopefully shed some light on our switch both to a new website, and a new forum software.

Make sure to read this post, the faq, and the feedback sections as many of the questions you might have, have already been answered or asked. (Duplicate posts may be removed)

Please note this is a work in progress and I will add to it as more "hot topics" are brought up. (as well as correct my grammar as I find mistakes ha ;) )

Forum Related
Q: Do I need to create a new account? I was a member of the old forums
A: Yes you need to create a new account in order to post on the forums

Q: What if somebody has taken my user name already?
A: If it was done so maliciously (ie you had a unique user name) It will be returned to you, if it is a generic user name. We will try our best to work something out between both parties.

Q: Why do I have to re-sign up.? Where are all the old Topics? post counts, original account creation dates.
A: Unfortunately we were not able to port over the data from the fuse forums at this time. One of the major reasons behind switching to a new forum software is future compatibility. However we are looking into ways to port the data over into an "archive' section but it does not appear that one is available at this time.

Q: Can I have my old post count, creation date, ect added to this account
A: No sorry we are not doing that at this time.

Q: How does one become a moderator?
A: Long time trusted members of the site may apply, or may be conducted to become forum moderators. You may contact us via PM or you can email me directly @

Q: What moderation positions are available at this time?
A: Currently we are looking for forum moderators for Mammoth Winter Activities, Mammoth Summer Activities, Unbound, June Mountain, The Mill, Local News, Ride Share, Employees, Housing, Equipment, and The Barter Bin. Please note: The Mill & Local News are the toughest of the two.

Q: What are some new features of the forums?
A: The View unanswered posts • View new posts • View active topics and View your posts links are huge. They make it very easily to jump into the conversation and find posts your are looking for, we also have a simple polling system, new look and feel for everything, a SAVE & Preview button, Smilies, and many other fun new features.

Q: How can I post an Image?
A: You can post images by linking to an image that is hosted else where by using the IMG tag by highlighting the link, and selecting the img button. Please note image sizes are limited to 700wx900h at this time.

Q: How can I change my avatar
A: Go into your User Control Panel Select Profile, and then Edit Avatar, from there you can link to an avatar that is hosted online.

Q: Where can I host my images?
A: There are plethora of image hosting places available online, Flickr, ImageShack, Pbase, TinyPic, a google search will show what are currently some of the more popular places.

Q: Why do I keep getting Logged off?
A: You must opt in for automatic login to stay logged in, but if you are getting logged off in the same "session" clear your cookies as you may still have cookies from the OLD forum that are conflicting.

Q: I am unable to activate my account, I never received the activation email.
A: Please check your spam folders, if it is not there email me directly with your user name and email address used @

Q: Why Did I get a consent form when I signed up.
A: Users whom selected the option of being under the age of 13 are required to have parents/guardians return a consent form.

Q: Why was I warned? What does it mean.
A: Warning is a way for a moderator or administrator to let you know you are out of line, and risking temporary suspension or possible banning from the forums. These forums are intended for usage by all our guests and in an effort to make that so, we ask that you behave in a manner that is respectful and polite to other members of the forum and with conduct deserving of a "family oriented" forum. Trolling, spamming, abusive posting, rudeness, flaming, excess cussing, arguing with the staff, and posting obscene messages, or images will not be tolerated.

Q: Smilies I love them how can we have more?
A: Want to see more smilies feel free to send me a PM with a link. If they are good quality and fun I will try to put them online.

Q: Smilies I hate them how can I get rid of them
A: Go to your User Control Panel, Board Preferences, Display Options, and select no under "Display smilies as images:"

Web Site Related
Q: Where is the weather information that was located on the side nav of the old site
A: The weather information is now located both on the home page weather "widget" and under the MyMammoth ( page.

Q: Where are the weather links to Howard and NOAA
A: Those links are under the MyMammoth ( page, resources tab.

Q: Where does your weather/conditions information come from on the Mymammoth page
A: Our weather forcast, and conditions come from NOAA, our road conditions come from CALTrans both are update every few minutes. Our local on hill information (temps, snow depth ect) come from our on Staff SnowReport, as well as many probes and gauges that we have located around the mountain.

Q: XXX is broken, missing, error ect.
A: First off we greatly appreciated any feedback you are willing to give us. Please feel free to post it under the feedback sections of the forums, or you can contact us via this link

Q: Where is the Woolly Logo
A: ... g/NewSite/

Thank You for joining us on the mammoth mountain forums and we hope you enjoy your time here.

 Post subject: Re: Welcome to the MMSA Forums a Message from the Staff.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:54 am 
MMSA Staff
MMSA Staff
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Q: Can I create alter accounts?

A: NO, one account per person.
Please note: If a new account is created to "troll" the forums, and it is found to tie back to another account. BOTH ACCOUNTS WILL BE BANNED!. No exceptions.

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